Follow you until you love me…

Papa-paparazzi, Baby there’s no other superstar, you know that I’ll be,

Your papa-paparazzi
Promise I’ll be kind, But I won’t stop until that boy is mine, Baby you’ll be famous, Chase you down until you love me….

You quietly sung the song as it played, sitting on your boyfriend’s lap. He had his hands wrapped around your waist, his head in the crook of your neck nipping at it.

“Neeeey” you whined

“Quit it”

“Why?” he questioned running his hand up your side

“Don’t like it?”

“Nooooo, but we’re in public, people are watching,” he said as his lips moved up to your ear.

“Let them, see if I care”

You smirked at this, you two were at a party in a club and he was having a little too much to drink. Hopping off his lap you grabbed your bag. Neymar looked at you disappointed.

“Heeeeey” he hiccupped

“What’d ya do that for?”

“I need to get my friend, Alexia remember? She had to come late?”

He looked at you like a confused little puppy.

“I’ll be back soon alright?” you kissed his cheek,

“don’t drink too much while I’m gone”

You walked outside, scanning the street for Alexia. She waved at you and you smiled.

“Hey” you said as she caught up to you

“Hey how are you?” the two of you talked for about ten minutes before you realized you had left Ney in there alone while he was getting past tipsy.

“We should go inside,” you nodded at the club. Alexia nodded and you two squeezed your way in.

The club had gotten more crowded while you were outside. The two of you walked around a little trying to find Neymar and sit down. You to were hopelessly lost in the club until Alexia noticed some of her work friends and she dragged you over there. You stayed, laughed, talked, and danced with them for over three hours. You had almost forgotten who you came there with until someone asked about him.

“Oh shit.” You thought

"I left him alone while he’s drunk”

“Hey Alexia, I’m going to find my boyfriend” she turned to look at you frowning

“Oh come on Hun, I bet he’s fine, just stay ok? We can find him later.”

You sighed,

“Yeah, but he’s drunk and I just want to make sure he’s alright”

Alexia shrugged as you walked off to find him. You scanned the crowd looking for any sign of him. You got all the to the back of the club before you noticed him, pressed against the wall, lips locked with someone else.

You made a small noise and he got off the other girl. Wide eyed, he looked at her then at you. He tried to say something, but you just left, not exactly sure what to do now.

“Y/N, wait” he called after you as you made your way through the club.

You kept going ignoring him as he called after you, you didn’t stop till you were home, able to shut the door and cry.

The next morning you woke up in the dress from last night, your head pounding. Quickly changing into sweats and a t-shirt you stumbled out of your room. Slumped on your couch, hair a mess, and still in the same clothes from last night was Neymar. He looked terrible, you felt a little bad before you remembered what he did last night. Slowly he got up, shaking his head. He was still in a sleepy state and not fully awake, but when he saw you he snapped out of it. “

Y/N…baby…I-I..” he started, but couldn’t continue, he just put his hands on your shoulders and looked right at you.

Your lip trembled, you couldn’t look at him,

“Y-you cheated on me, w-with some random girl in a bar and it-it-“ He cut you off,

“I know, I know and I’m so so so sorry, baby you can’t even imagine how terrible I feel”

You turned away and moved past him to sit on the couch. He sat next to you, first taking your hands, then cupping your face

“Baby I was so drunk last night I couldn’t tell what was going on, it was all hazy and I was stumbling around and someone caught me and for whatever messed up reason I felt I had to kiss her and then suddenly I was kissing her and it was a mess, but I couldn’t stop…. Babe it was the alcohol I swear. I would never do that to you. Ever.”

You sat there, looking at him, and thinking about what he said, how he chased after you when it happened.

“Why would he lie? Why would he cheat? I mean he really does love you,” you thought.

Sighing you ran your fingers through his hair

“Ok, fine I’ll give you a chance, but this ever happens again alcohol or not, it’s done, deal?”

“Deal” he replied smiling at you
Slowly he moved so he was lying on top of you.

He pressed a light kiss to your lips, mumbling another couple apologies and I love you’s.

“Love you too” you said

“Now go get changed, your mess and I want to cuddle” Quickly he moved to change into lounge clothes and came back, kissing up your neck and all over your face.

You smiled thinking of how much you loved this.
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Me like, me like but seriously i don’t understand why she forgave him. I am much more than that no shit hahahaha 

A friend wrote it not me ❤️ I still think it’s a really good imagine ✌️❤️

Oh ok… hahaha it’s really well written. Yea, I think it’s really good too. I just wouldn’t forgive him I think but considering that this is NEYMAR… hahahaha…